Please join us for a poker evening on Friday 5 June at 19:00. Funds raised will go towards food parcels and vouchers for families affected by COVID-19 and lockdown.

The finals will be held on Friday 12 June 2020.

Table links will be sent out by 18:30 on Friday 5 June.

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  1. Tournament format will be Texas Hold’em
  2. The tournament will be hosted using Pokernow and Skype for talking (Optional). We cannot take any responsibility for connection issues or glitches during the tournament.
  3. Each player will receive 3500 chips.
  4. Blinds will start at 10/20 and increase every 15 minutes. We reserve the right to change or alter the blinds/antes at any point in the tournament
  5. Players will be randomly seated at tables.
  6. Players who arrive late to the tournament will still be placed into the tournament with a full chip stack as long as they join in the first half an hour of play
  7. Rebuys and add-ons
    A player may rebuy or add-on when their chips are below 3500 or they lose all of their chips. Cost will be R200 for another 3500 chips. A player may only rebuy/add-on 4 times during the game. Cut-off for rebuys/add-ons is 22:00.
  8. The top players from each table on Friday 5 June 2020, will move to the final table on Friday 12 June 2020. This may be 1 or 2 people from each table (Depending on attendance).


  1. 1st prize: R2000* Pick ‘n Pay voucher
  2. 2nd Prize: R1000* Pick ‘n Pay voucher
  3. 3rd prize: R500*  Pick ‘n Pay voucher
  4. The prizes will be based on the amount of entries received for the tournament and we reserve the right to adjust prize amount at any time before or during the tournament.